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Preston resp match landing net handle

Preston resp match landing net handle


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The Response Match Handles are the ultimate trio of high quality landing net handles. These super slim and lightweight handles are perfect for natural and commercial venues. These handles are more than strong enough to cope with the majority of Match Fishing situations providing you with a reliable and top quality landing net handle for your fishing.The Response Handles are supplied with 1m increments making them extremely versatile.For improved performance we have reinforced the key stress areas which means the Response Match Landing Net Handles offer you even more confidence and reliability.Available in three different lengths - 3m 4m and 5m. These three lengths cover a wide variety of different situations and venues.Supplied with extremely strong pinned threads for maximum strength. They also feature rubberised grips on the butt sections which gives you more support and grip when landing fish.Each additional section has a textured graphic areas which allows you to use the handle at short lengths giving you even more options and versatility. These are also useful for de-assembling the handle when your hands are wet.We?ve also added a protective fixed threaded end cap which reduces any potential section damage and keeps the handle on perfect condition.
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