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Preston offbox snaplok tool bar

Preston offbox snaplok tool bar


Offbox Snaplok Tool Bar - XL finns just nu på leverantörens huvudlager.
Beräknad ledtid ca 4 - 21 dagar.


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Designed to accommodate up to 7 keepnets the Tool Bar XL is an essential item of tackle for anybody using large numbers of keepnets on high catch rate venues. The tool bar can be reduced in length for days where 4 nets or less are required.? Snap-Lok accessory blocks x7 for easy removal of keepnets? Supplied with two 36mm knuckles inc 30mm inserts? Foldaway design for ease of transport? Angled outer positions to maximise roomDimensionsPack away length ? 99cmExtended length ? 194cmWeight ? 1.6kg
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