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Preston monster X rod carp feeder

Preston monster X rod carp feeder


Monster X 10Ft Carp Feeder finns just nu på leverantörens huvudlager.
Beräknad ledtid ca 4 - 21 dagar.


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A brand-new updated version of the extremely popular Monster range of rods with key upgrades such as 2.5mm Carbon Tips SEA guides DPS reel seats and improved actions these rods are set to be very popular in 2019 with a full range of rods to cover every discipline you may face on a commercial fishery. Special FeatureSeamless through actionsHigh quality SeaguidesFlat HandleHigh Grade Carbon Blank Monster X 7ft Wandzee  The Monster X 7? Wandzee has developed for those small intermate venues where extremely short casts are needed. This rod features a unique one-piece section that can be stored once the tip is removed in one piece making it extremely fast to set up. The one-piece design also offers a seamless through action making this rod suitable to catching all species of any size. This rod is perfect for casting up to 25m making it the ideal choice for casting over the pole line or to the far bank of a snake lake. Supplied with 3 Tips   0.75oz 1oz 1.5oz Monster X 9ft Carp Feeder  A brand-new model for 2019 the Monster X 9ft carp feeder is the perfect rod for short cast of around 30m making it ideal for casting to the far bank of canal style venues.  This rod features a seamless through action making it ideal for targeting hard fighting carp on tactics such as the method and pellet feeder. Supplied with 3 Tips 0.75oz 1oz 1.5oz  Monster X 10FT Carp Feeder  The Monster X 10ft Carp Feeder is a very versatile rod perfect for those short intermate casts on snake lakes or those slightly longer casts to islands of around 30-35m. As with all the Monster X range this rod has an extremely forgiving through action but it also incorporates plenty of power in the bottom half of the rod to aid with casting and fish playing action. Supplied with 3 Tips 1oz 1.5oz 2oz Monster X 11ft Carp Feeder  This a fantastic rod for those situations when a slightly further cast is needed of around 35-40m thanks to the added power in the bottom half of the rod. The Monster X 11ft is also an extremely versatile rod although it is predominantly designed for commercial carp fishing the action of this rod enables it to be used for fishing for smaller species of fish such as BreamRoach. Supplied with 3 Tips 1oz 1.5oz 2oz Monster X 12ft Method Carp Feeder  The Heaviest feeder rod in the Monster X range is the 12ft Method Carp Feeder this rod is perfect for when larger feeders and extra distance is needed. This rod is has been developed to cast distances of around 60-70m where larger fish are the target the added power throughout the blank allows this rod to cast larger feeders and also take control of large fish during the netting stage.  This rod is also suitable to be used on rivers and large still waters for species such as Bream Barbel and Chub. Supplied with 3 Tips 1.5oz 2oz 2.5oz Monster X 11ft Pellet Waggler  This model has been specifically developed to meet the demands of pellet waggler fishing where shorter casts to features such as islands are a must. The short 11ft length enables ultimate control of the float during the cast as well as aiding during the netting stage of the fish. As with all the Monster X range this rod features a seamless through action which minimalizes fish loss and prevents hook pulls.
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