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Preston feeder feeda rod

Preston feeder feeda rod


Preston Feeder Feeda Rod finns just nu på leverantörens huvudlager.
Beräknad ledtid ca 4 - 21 dagar.


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The Feeder Feeda Rod has been designed primarily for feeding your peg. This specifically designed rod has a lot of backbone and is more than capable of casting a large baiting up feeder up to 80m+.Designed in conjunction with Preston Innovations England Feeder team members Mick Vials and Lee Kerry this is the perfect rod for all your pre baiting situations on both commercial and natural venues.The built in auivertip allows you to cast shorter distances as well as the longer 80m+ chucks. So no matter whether youre fishing 10m or 80m this Feeder Feeda rod can do exactly what we wanted it to do Feed your swim. This softer quivering cushions the feed as it lands and gives you that flexibility and finesse to cast shorter but still have the power reserve to accurately cast at those longer distances.The Feeder Feeda Rod is supplied with 3 quiver-tips the two lighter tips completely transform the rod making it perfect for heavy duty river barbel fishing or large stillwater distance fishing for bigger fish like carp and bream. These two tips give the rod a dual purpose and give you more options on the bank.Featuring oversized eyes for improved casting and distance casting guides which also improves tasing distance accuracy and performance.We spent a long time working on the perfect length for this Feeder Feeda Rod and settled on 3.8m. During testing we felt this was the optimum length that covered a wider range of different lengths and swims.
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