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Elasticated pellet feeder - XL - 50g

Elasticated pellet feeder - XL - 50g


Elasticated Pellet Feeder - XL - 50G finns just nu på leverantörens huvudlager.
Beräknad ledtid ca 4 - 21 dagar.


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Designed for use with damp pellets the elasticated pellet feeder allows you to use a short hooklength to present your hook bait right amongst your feed. The flat Design makes them unobtrusive when cast tight to island margins whilst the dimpled lead means they are better equipped to hold on slopes the short elasticated section absorbs the shock of sudden takes and can easily be removed to be re-elasticated.Ideal for catching F1s and smaller fish the incorporated elastic helps absorb sudden lunges which can often lead to lost fish at the net.
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