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Preston absolute maglok deep sidedrawer

Preston absolute maglok deep sidedrawer


Preston Absolute Mag Lok - Deep Side Drawer Unit finns just nu på leverantörens huvudlager.
Beräknad ledtid ca 4 - 21 dagar.


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Mag Lok Drawer units provide you with the ability to access your terminal tackle and accessories easily.Each Mag Lok drawer unit features strong NEO magnets at the base of the drawer and aluminum tray and features a positive click when engaged.This magnetic connection is quick and easy to access and keeps your drawer unit closed at all times even during transportation.Available Mag Lok Drawer Units;Deluxe Padded Seat The Deluxe Padded Seat is the perfect fishing seat featuring a soft comfortable seat with an integral Shallow Side Drawer thats great for storing terminal tackle and accessories.Deep Side Drawer UnitThe Deep Side Drawer unit is the perfect chocie for storing a wide rnage of terminal tackle and accessories. This drawer features several compartments which are ideal for keeping your drawer/tackle organised and close to hand.Deep Side Winder Drawer UnitThis 40mm Deep Side Winder Drawer unit is perfect for storing a range of deeper accessories and will fit two of our InBox Winder trays so effectively it could house up to four winder trays which gives you a vast amount of rigs in one 40mm drawer.Shallow Side Drawer UnitThe Shallow Side Drawer is ideal for storing up to two InBox Winder trays hooklength boxes and terminal tackle.Deep Front Drawer UnitThe Final drawer unit in the Mag Lok range is a Deep Front Drawer. This front drawer enables you to store a wide range of accessories in a compartmented front drawer. The different compartments make it easy to keep organised and improves your efficiency on the bank.
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