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Stubby Slim Pole Float

Stubby Slim Pole Float


Stubby Slim Pole Float 0.15g finns just nu på leverantörens huvudlager.
Beräknad ledtid ca 4 - 21 dagar.


Ordinarie pris 40 SEK
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  • Slim bodied float with carbon stem ideal for fishing in shallow water
  • Based on an F1 Slim but bulked up for summer fishing
  • Carbon stem allows the float to be fished through the water
  • Body constructed from durable HF110 Rohacell foam
  • 0.6mm carbon stem
  • 1.8mm hollow tip perfect for F1 or winter Carp tactics
  • X-Strong small hybrid eye
  • Ideal for fishing with pellets, meat, corn, and worms
  • Sizes 0.15g, 0.20g, 0.30g, 0.40g, 0.50g
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