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MTX 4 Ultra Pole

MTX 4 Ultra Pole


MTX4 No3 Short Section saknar uppgifter om lagerstatus. Datum för ny leverans är inte känt just nu. Denna produkt har inte uppdaterade uppgifter om lagerstatus. Kontakta oss för att få information om lagerstatus och ledtid.


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MTX4 Ultra 16m

  • Superb performance and balance
  • Built on the same mandrel as the original Nemesis poles
  • Features MST – Multi Strand Technology
  • Exclusive Glide anti-friction taped sections
  • All joints are reinforced with 1K carbon weave
  • Section alignment decal system
  • Generous kit package
  • All kits are pre bushed
  • Match and Power kits fitted with our new Revolve side puller
  • New design Rigid Cupping Kit and cups
  • Supplied in tubes and a holdall
  • Huge range of spares available
  • Length: 16m
  • Closed Length: 1800mm
  • No of sections: 10
  • Weight @ 13m 850g
  • Weight @ 14.5m 1115g
  • Weight @ 16m 1380g 

MTX4 Ultra 16m Package

  • 16m Pole (includes Match Ultra 1 kit in pole)
  • 4x Match Ultra 1 kits
  • 4x Power Ultra 1 kits
  • 1x Ultra rigid cupping kit + 2 groundbait cups
  • 1x Standard no3 section
  • 2x Short no3 sections
  • 2x Mini extensions
  • Matrix Holdall (GLU071)

MTX4 Ultra 13m Euro Package

  • 13m Pole (includes Match Ultra 1 kit in pole)
  • 3x Finesse kits
  • 1x Ultra rigid cupping kit + 2 groundbait cups
  • 3x Standard no3 section
  • 3x Standard no4 sections
  • 1x Mini extensions
  • Matrix Holdall (GLU071)


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