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Foam Pellet Wagglers

Foam Pellet Wagglers


Foam Pellet Waggler 3g finns just nu på leverantörens huvudlager.
Beräknad ledtid ca 4 - 21 dagar.


Ordinarie pris 70 SEK
Ordinarie pris Försäljningspris 70 SEK
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  • Ideal for fishing very shallow with minimal disturbance
  • Perfect when fishing for wary fish or mugging cruising fish
  • Made from high-density extremely buoyant foam
  • 9mm slim body improves flight accuracy
  • Flighted cap to minimise wobble during casting
  • Internal stem runs the full body length to increase strength
  • Removable zinc base weight with large link
  • Large link on the weight allows the waggler fold flat during the cast
  • Available in 3g, 4g, 5g, and 6g.
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