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Korum xs two rod arm & rests

Korum xs two rod arm & rests


XS Two Rod Arm & Rests är tyvärr inte tillgänglig för närvarande. Datum för ny leverans är inte känt just nu.


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The perfect way to fish with two rods from your fishing chair. An ultra stable telescopic extending feeder arm with an adjustable angle tilt constructed from a lightweight but strong extrusion. Comes complete with two Speedfit buzz bars that allow you quickly change between rod rests and alarms as needed. Ideal for short rods on commercial fisheries or longer rods on rivers and natural venues. The quick release head allows you to quickly and easily remove the buzz bars when packing away making it lightweight portable and compact to transport. Compatible with 23mm 25mm & 30mm round 23mm S23 square leg profiles and 36mm round.
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