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Korum aeronium supa lite chair v2

Korum aeronium supa lite chair v2


Aeronium Supa Lite Chair V2 finns just nu på leverantörens huvudlager.
Beräknad ledtid ca 4 - 21 dagar.


Ordinarie pris 1 630 SEK
Ordinarie pris Försäljningspris 1 630 SEK
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Aeronium is a special Magnesium Alloy material thats extraordinarily lightweight and strong. Its enabled us to provide Korums lightest ever chair weighing only 2.3kg complete with a totally waterproof seat cover. This unique webbed material is both comfortable and hard-wearing reducing weight without sacrificing comfort. The shoulder area is padded and covered with an air circulating padded layer. Fully adjustable legs that lock into position and compact swivelling mudfeet for extra stability on rough terrain.
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