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REACT rods represent a premium line of retractable 2-piece 10ft rods meticulously crafted for anglers favouring shorter rods with compact pack down lengths. Featuring lightweight and responsive 1k blanks with a parabolic action these rods excel in close-quarter combat and boat fishing. Beyond short-range and boat applications both models are engineered to meet the demands of precise casting. The range comprises two models: a 10ft 3lb rod offering a softer and more forgiving experience and a 10ft 3.5lb model ideal for those requiring a rod with extra backbone for longer casts heavier leads or extracting fish from weed. The rods boast premium fittings and sport subtle graphics for a refined aesthetic.? Available in two models; 10ft 3lb & 10ft 3.5lb ? 10ft 2-piece 4ft 2inch/127cm pack down length? 1K carbon wrap? American Tackle Ti-Forged Air guides 50mm ? 16mm? 16mm Ceramic anti-frap tip ring? Fuji 18mm DPS Gunsmoke reel seat? Shrink wrapped handle with flared butt? Gunsmoke coned butt cap and finishings? Understated graphics
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