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Avid pro-tect safeguard cradle

Avid pro-tect safeguard cradle


PRO-Tect Safeguard Cradle saknar uppgifter om lagerstatus. Datum för ny leverans är inte känt just nu. Denna produkt har inte uppdaterade uppgifter om lagerstatus. Kontakta oss för att få information om lagerstatus och ledtid.


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? Designed for the safe unhooking handling and photographing of fish ? Low-to-ground frame with shallow mattress for easy fish lifting? Oval frame with generous padding for fish protection? Camo retention pullover flap for added security? Mesh drainage grids at both ends for quick water runoff? Easy transport with folding legs and frame? Robust fish-friendly fabric ensures durability without delamination? Four adjustable legs for use on uneven ground? Large rotating mud feet provide stability? Heavy-duty carry bag included for convenient transport? Dimensions cm - 126 x 70 x 26-35? Weight - 6.9kg
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