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Avid outline camo tapered leaders

Avid outline camo tapered leaders


Outline Camo Tapered Leader 15Lb-35Lb saknar uppgifter om lagerstatus. Datum för ny leverans är inte känt just nu. Denna produkt har inte uppdaterade uppgifter om lagerstatus. Kontakta oss för att få information om lagerstatus och ledtid.


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The Outline Monofilament has gained a popular following in the Uk and across Europe. This is down to its brilliant casting qualities abrasion resistance and fantastic concealment propertiesThe Outline Camo Tapered Leaders are perfect to pair up with our Outline Camo Reel Line enabling you to fish at range without compromising the qualities of your camouflage.Boasting the same fantastic qualities with the added taper and diameter to help minimize resistance in the cast whilst still offering added strength and peace of mind when casting big leads to the horizon.Brilliant sinking qualities help pin your mainline down when fishing at range or with tight lines helping it stay pinned to the lakebed. High abrasion resistance comes into its own when fishing at range with thin diameters or in snaggy situations where you require a little more peace of mind that the line will withstand some harsh treatment.
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