Exner Carbon Magic Slider


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The latest innovation from Exner!

Nagy Attilas main goal with the production of this model was that he had to get around the problems of previous slider floats. The biggest problem was damage of float body. This was because the float could often get hit by the large bulk lead when the flout was mounted close to lead for precise cast. One prevalent solution was the flexible sponge float body, but this material did not have so good features as balsa, so he chose to protect the float body with a thick plastic coat from.
The other big question was the material and form of the float stem. Thanks to the excellent qualities (lightweight, straight, strong) he chose carbon to to produce the stem.
He gave a lot of thought to what the ideal stem thickness is, because too thick stem and it would be insensible, too thin and the stem would be instable during the flight. The perfect solution is the tapered stem, because the thicker part can exceedingly drive the float at cast and the top thin part can perfectly signal the bite.
Please, do try this special float!

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