EXNER Carbofram Evolution Match


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This outstanding and versatile float is proven perfect  in a variaty of situations. With its unique built-in removable wheights the total weight is concentrated at a small area making it very aerodynamic and and tangle-free. The weights are made of a super alloy that is 1.6 times heavier than lead and 2.2 times heavier than copper. The base where the removable wheights sits is made from aluminum. This makes the float very suitable also for slider fishing when nearly all the weight can be relocated to the line instead.
The stem of the float is made of top grade carbon fiber thus making it straight, very light, very strong, but flexible and heavy-duty! Stems are exchangeable and compatible with the Super match and Blue floats. The tapered and concentric stem combines the highest bite sensibility with air stability to avoid tangle through reduced axial rotation.

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