Smoke Fluo Booster


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Smoke Fluo Booster  – a thick and extremely aromatic liquid containing a fluorescent agent that creates a bright scent cloud in the water. The effect of the fluorescent smoke cloud has a provocative effect on the fish and causes increased interest in our bait.
It can be successfully poured on protein balls, POP-UPs,  grains, method mixes, loose groundbait, maggots, worms etc. Soaking the bait the day before fishing will increase the attractiveness.
It brings very good results in the ZIG-RIG method.
Does not dissolve PVA.


  • Amur
  • Bloody Bloodworm
  • Garlic & Chili
  • Halibut & Tuna
  • Japanese crab
  • Juicy mulberry
  • Liver & Garlic
  • Orange & Chocolate
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Pineapple
  • Spicy Salami
  • Strawberry
  • Tiger Nut & Corn
  • Vanilla & Corn & Hemp
  • Vanilla