Shelter Base Station


A multifunctional shelter for a comfortable stay on the bank

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A multifunctional shelter for a comfortable stay on the bank. Its construction allows very fast assembly and disassembly. Massive 19mm tubes, heavy duty pegs and additional guylines ensure perfect stability in any weather. The design of this shelter allows many options of setting and opening of door and panels, side and front windows. A large pram protects the front door area from rain. The ground sheet is attached to the canopy using two long and heavy duty zippers. This shelter is perfect as a lounge, kitchen, dining room, large warehouse or large bivvy. It is designed to be used with two large bedchairs and, thanks to its height, allows unrestricted movement of adults throughout the interior. Another big advantage is the extremely low transport weight and compact transport size.

with zipper
Water resistance 8000 mm
Transport size 130 x 20 cm
Note For two people
Weight 12 kg
Size 225 x 225 x 185 cm
Material M-Tec210

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