Rapid Pellets Extreme – Robin Red 20mm 1 kg


Series of extremely effective pellets

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Series of extremely effective pellets. They are made without the essences. Nevertheless they have a strong aroma coming from the main ingredients used in particular kind of pellet from this family. Most of the ingredients have been extruded to achieve a perfect digestibility. With the Rapid Extreme series you get the well known fast action of the pellets but these pellets are more selective for big carp.Robin RedA characteristic name identifies the key ingredient. The high quality mix of the extruded meals, fish meals, protein concentrates and particularly the original Robin Red made by Haiths make this pellet so effective. Unlike some products in the market using this name this is the real Robin Red pellet and it simply makes a difference!.

Weight 1 kg
Diameter 20 mm
Flavour Robin Red

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