Profess hpb large bream 2 kg


Sensational groundbait with an extraordinary power of attraction

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Sensational groundbait with an extraordinary power of attraction. It attracts and keeps large bream exceptionally well in the fishery. We have obtained high nutritional value by combining fishmeal, dried blood, fish oil, protein extracts, oilseeds, cookies, prepared coarse grains as well as attractors, biostimulators and amino acids in high concentration. The perfectly balanced, high-energy formula of this groundbait signals to the fish that there is very attractive food nearby. We guarantee that no feeding bream will pass by indifferently. Substances stimulating food intake ensure long-lasting and intensive feeding of good-looking bream, and thus high frequency of bites. The most effective when baiting a few days, but irreplaceable during short sessions. It gives unusual effects in combination with pellets and bream flakes.

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