Overwrap New Dynasty


A full overwrap for the New Dynasty bivvy

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A full overwrap for the New Dynasty bivvy. It is constructed from the same material as the bivvy and equipped with the same windows as the bivvy. The front windows have three layers (mesh, PVC and outer cover) and the rear windows have mosquito mesh with flaps and zips. The overwrap is fitted with four Velcro fasteners to securely hold your rods and reinforced zips with Easy grip tags with the possibility of inserting chemical illumination lights. The overwrap significantly lowers condensation, increases thermal comfort, ensures the bivvy is more stable in windy conditions and additionally it provides an area of 70 cm between the outer (overwrap) and inner skin (bivvy) or a porch area.

Note New 2012
number of pieces in package 1
Weight 6,5 kg
Height Waterprooness 10 000mm

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