MTX-E1 Power 11.5m Package


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Product Overview

            <div><span>The MTX-E1 is lightly shorter than the other MTX-E Poles at 11.5m but what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in power</span></div>
  • Poles have been engineered from one mandrel to make the whole range interchangeable from the topkits to butt sections.
  • Can be used at exactly 11.5m with the mini extension fitted.
  • Multi strand layering is used to reinforce all sections to cope with the demands of Carpadrome fishing.
  • Poles are finished in our exclusive Glide anti-friction tape.
  • Protective nose cones fitted to no3, no4 and no5 sections.
  • Alignment decal system on all sections.
  • Mini extension is fitted with EVA bung to stop dirt getting into your pole.
  • All top kits come pre-cut at 3m and fitted with PTFE internal bushes and our Revolve side puller system.

MTX-E1 11.5m Pole Package

  • 5m Pole (Includes a Match Kit in the pole)
  • 2x Power kits (Pre bushed with 4.2mm PTFE Bush)
  • 1x 11.5m mini extension (Length 40cm Weight 102g)
  • Supplied in a Pole Sleeve
  • Fully interchangeable with all MTX-E Poles
  • Length: 11.5m
  • Closed Length: 1900mm
  • No of sections: 7
  • Weight @ 11.5m 817g
  • Top 2 kit length: 305cm
  • Top 3 kit length: 453cm
  • Top 4 kit length: 606cm
  • Butt section Diameter (External): 45mm
  • Top Kit Diameter (Internal): 22mm

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