MTX 4 Ultra Pole


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Product Overview

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MTX4 Ultra 16m

  • Superb performance and balance
  • Built on the same mandrel as the original Nemesis poles
  • Features MST – Multi Strand Technology
  • Exclusive Glide anti-friction taped sections
  • All joints are reinforced with 1K carbon weave
  • Section alignment decal system
  • Generous kit package
  • All kits are pre bushed
  • Match and Power kits fitted with our new Revolve side puller
  • New design Rigid Cupping Kit and cups
  • Supplied in tubes and a holdall
  • Huge range of spares available
  • Length: 16m
  • Closed Length: 1800mm
  • No of sections: 10
  • Weight @ 13m 850g
  • Weight @ 14.5m 1115g
  • Weight @ 16m 1380g 

MTX4 Ultra 16m Package

  • 16m Pole (includes Match Ultra 1 kit in pole)
  • 4x Match Ultra 1 kits
  • 4x Power Ultra 1 kits
  • 1x Ultra rigid cupping kit + 2 groundbait cups
  • 1x Standard no3 section
  • 2x Short no3 sections
  • 2x Mini extensions
  • Matrix Holdall (GLU071)

MTX4 Ultra 13m Euro Package

  • 13m Pole (includes Match Ultra 1 kit in pole)
  • 3x Finesse kits
  • 1x Ultra rigid cupping kit + 2 groundbait cups
  • 3x Standard no3 section
  • 3x Standard no4 sections
  • 1x Mini extensions
  • Matrix Holdall (GLU071)



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