MK Quattro Viper Formula BLACK


• Memory Foam cushion
• Unit : 2 smal front drawers + 1 big front drower
• 14 Miky winder rigs.
• Equipped by four ø 36 telescopic aluminium legs. With carbon look feet
• A MK4 V 0300 ,MK4 V 0400 and cooler bag MK B 0080 fit the footboard rail.
• Padded shoulder strap



This new innovative seat box features many new technical solutions like the very useful umbrella holder incorporated in the seat box frame that allow the umbrella arm to pass trough the frame and stick into the ground. The units system and the seat have been positioned forward on the seat box frame to obtain a better seating position more suitable for pole fishing. But the main features are the new 4 telescopic 36 mm carbon legs system, the inner telescopic 30 mm aluminium legs allow the seat box to go literally down to the ground, no other seat box on the market can be positioned this low. The 36 mm carbon legs are not adjustable and allow to pre position all accessories and leave them in the proper position ready for the fishing session. No doubt about stability, strongness and safety and in the same time one of the lightest seat box on the market today. The new carbon look feet design guarantee a perfect grip on any kind of surface.


IMPORTANT – Always give us a call on 076 998 3434 when buying seatboxes from us. This is to make sure you get the right model, accessories and price.

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MK Quattro