EVA Bait Organizer Set


Practical and aesthetic containers made of EVA material

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Practical and aesthetic containers made of EVA material. Durable, resistant to cracks both at low and high temperatures. Convenient for mixing and storing groundbaits and baits and as boxes for various fishing accessories. Containers with a tinted PVC lid reduce light exposure and keep baits and baits from drying out or getting wet. Easy to clean. 100% waterproof. The organizer consists of a main litter box with 2×2.5 and 2×1 liter containers. All containers are made of EVA material with a tinted PVC lid. The set includes an aluminum bar with a Ø 25 mm leg holder. The organizer increases the comfort of fishing. Baits and groundbaits are always within reach of the angler and are protected from drying out or moisture. The containers are easy to clean and break resistant.

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