VK Salmon 2 Flashers

The VK Salmon Flasher has been designed to attract. These new flashers from Finland have been field tested and have proven to catch lunker salmon and trout. The Vk Salmon II is the world’s first erratic action jointed flasher. In addition, the VK Salmon II’s erratic action is adjustable: from right to left and up and down. Put yourself ahead of the competition with the all new VK Products adjustable Erratic action salmon II flashers.

Multiple, attractive colors. High flash. World’s first erratic action jointed flasher. Less drag than other flashers.
Use with bait rigs, flies, or your favorite lures. Get the competitive advantage the VK Products offer.

Available in two sizes:

  • Large 24cm, recommended leader length: 115-150cm
  • Large 16cm, recommended leader length: 50-125cm

Product code format is VK2-SIZE-NUMBER where SIZE is L or S and the NUMBER comes from the product images below.

VK Salmon 2 Flasher - Clear

VK Salmon 2 Flasher - Glow

VK Salmon 2 Flasher - Chart

VK Salmon 2 Flasher - Chrome

VK Salmon 2 Flasher - Gold

VK Salmon 2 Flasher - UV