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Knosas Dynamite Skeddrag


12g skeddrag made in Sweden               1. 210-001 the Blue-Silver Glitter 2. 210-002 Red with svart med guldprickar 3. 210-003 Fire Tiger 4. 210-004 Orange med svarta prickar 5. 210-005 Varité 6. RT 210-007 7. 210-008 Svart silver glitter 8. 210-009 Gold svart nät 9. 210-010 Bomb blå 10. [...]

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Peter Lahti Vertical Jig Heads


Peter Lahti designed vertical jig heads for a boat or ice fishing taking place on the ice. Use this with Peter Lahti Shads for zander and pike! Model Weight Length Hook Colour Vjh-15 15gr 68mm 4#/0 White / Red / Natural

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Peter Lahti Slow Sinking Jig Heads


Lightweight, slowly sinking jigheads. Model Weight Diameter Hook Colour SSJH18-20 2.5gr 12.5mm 2#/0 Pearl / White SPJH14-20 7gr 12.5mm 2#/0 Orange

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Peter Lahti Shads


Lure with a long profile and sensitive floating body is designed for zander, pike and large perch fishing. Jigs can be used for spinning and vertical jigging. Peter Lahti is the pioneer of jigging, presenting numerous fishing-related TV programs, Outdoor Life Fair perennial performer and writer of fishing articles. Model Length Weight Number PLS110 11cm [...]

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Jesse Hunter Lures

Jesse Hunter Sizes

JH9/12 9cm, 9g, max diving depth: 2.5m 12cm, 14g, max diving depth: 3.5m

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Smollti Lures

Smoltti with treble hooks

Popular lure in 2 sizes and 14 designs: SMOLTTI 13gr for trout and SMOLTTI R 21gr for pike and sea trout. Sold in multiples of 6. Code Length Weight SM13-NUMBER 5cm 13gr SMR21-NUMBER 8cm 21gr   Design Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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Patriot Lure Packs

Packs of assorted lures. Sold in multiples of 10. Model Code Description K1 Grayling K2 Trout K3 Rainbow Trout FK204 Zander KIT25 Spinners PERCH3 Perch spinners PIKE3 Pike lures F25 25 Pike flies

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Gamakatsu Jig Heads

Market leading jig heads in 3 designs with chemically sharpened hooks. Also available in bulk packs of 100 (prefix Model codes with the letter B e.g., BRJH116-10). Model Weight Quantity per pack RJH116-10 (BRJH116-10) 2.0gr 8 (100) RJH18-1 (BRJH18-1) 3.5gr 8 (100) RJH18-2 (BRJH18-2) 3.5gr 8 (100) RJH18-4 (BRJH18-4) 3.5gr 8 (100) RJH114-1 (BRJH114-1) 7.0gr 7 (100) RJH114-10 (BRJH114-10) 7.0gr 7 (100) RJH114-20 (BRJH114-20) 7.0gr [...]

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James Lures

James Colour Range

James James Mirror  

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Jesse Lures

Jesse Logo

JE8 / JE11 Design and Implementation by O. Korkiakoski Rattle ball in body Length: 8cm / 11cm Weight: 10gr / 13gr Max diving depth: 2.5m / 2.5m JE14 Design and Implementation by O. Korkiakoski Rattle ball in body Length: 14cm Weight: 28gr Max diving depth: 3m DJE11 Design and Implementation by O. Korkiakoski Rattle ball [...]

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