VK Baitholders

VK SalmonThe Adjustable VK Bait Holder is the most versatile bait holder in the market today. The Adjustable VK Bait Holder offers series of rigging holes on top of the bait holder that control the swimming action. Running your line thru different rigging points allows you to change the action to suit your fishing conditions. The Adjustable VK Bait Holder can be adjusted to rotate left or right. When used in combination with flashers, new very effective counter rotation trolling technique can be achieved by adjusting The Adjustable VK Bait Holder to swim counter clockwise to flasher. When using adjustable VK Bait Holders without flashers it is recommended to set one to swim counter clockwise, this usually triggers fish to strike due to erratic bait swimming action.

Available in 2 sizes: Small for bait size 8-12cm, large for bait size 12cm-17cm.

Product Numbers are VKH-SIZE-NUMBER where SIZE is L or S and the NUMBER is taken from the product images below. For example Lareg Glow Blue/Green is VKH-L-824.

VK Salmon Baitholders - Glow

SS and Clear
VK Salmon Baitholder - SS and Clear

VK Salmon Baitholder - Chrome

VK Salmon Baitholder - Gold

VK Salmon Baitholder - UV