Patriot Core Stick Saltwater sea fishing rod

NETTI_Patriot_CoreStick_SaltWater_Boat_ISOLet the heavyweight battle begin!

The new sea rod for cod, saithe, Atlantic halibut and turbot taltutukseen. Saltwater is a robust kärkirissallinen rod, which does not run out of power rougher little wrestling.

• Rugged E-glass blank
• Durable EVA foam handles
• cleavable handle part for the transport of the middle
• Sturdy, stainless steel, two-legged rod rings
• Kärkirissa
• Basal Cross
• 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship

Model Length Class Lures Sections
CSW66-2030 198cm (163cm) 20-30lb 200-600gr 2
CSW66-3050 198cm (163cm) 30-50lb 300-800gr 2